Coming To Avondale University in Semester 2, 2023

Three months that will change the trajectory of your life forever. This is where you can step back from everything in your life and focus on one thing, learning to follow Jesus, losing yourself in him, turning off all the voices and really getting to understand what he did, what he is doing and what he plans to do through you.

What to Expect

It begins with a week in the wilderness; a week of adventure in the outback for a fresh encounter with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to rediscover yourself, embrace authentic discipleship and experience what genuine and purposeful community looks like.

We will then regroup on Avondale University Campus; this is not just 3 months of classes, this is a tailored, crafted program packed with immersive experiences and exploratory learning designed to help you become acquainted with the Kingdom of God and find your life purpose.

Come and begin your discipleship journey and embrace the vision for a thriving Adventist disciple-making movement.

Register Your Interest

Register Your Interest