Avondale University – 29th July to 20th October, 2024

Catalyst is a 12-week immersive, skills based Discipleship experience hosted on the campus of Avondale University.

Catalyst will lead you to personally KNOW the transforming presence of Jesus, GROW in the knowledge of His Word and His Will for your life. And equip you to GO in His name and in the power of the Holy Spirit to be a disciple maker and make a difference in your world.

Catalyst will equip you with the essential skills to:

  1. Prepare and share your personal testimony;
  2. Discover & embrace your spiritual gifts;
  3. Develop spiritual habits that will transform your life;
  4. Build friendships that will make a difference for Jesus;
  5. Conduct Bible studies;
  6. Lead a missional Bible study group;
  7. Become a disciple maker.

Catalyst will provide clarity and competence in the mission of the local Seventh-day Adventist Church so that you can return to you home equipped to assist your pastor and your Church in sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Catalyst participants will team up with pastors and churches near Avondale university to engage in community service projects and to practice the missional skills acquired in class.

Sign up for Catalyst now; leave the ordinary to embrace the extraordinary adventurous life that God has planned for you.

Who is Catalyst for?

Catalyst is:

What to Expect

It begins with a week in the wilderness where Jesus began his ministry and laid down the foundations of discipleship; you will encounter him in a fresh way, rediscover yourself, embrace your gift-based missional calling and experience purposeful community.

Then we regroup on the campus at Avondale University for immersive, experiential, communal, missional learning and community engagement.


The cost of Catalyst tuition is AUD $1,309*

Additional Costs: 

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