Course Guide

Catalyst will provide clarity and competence in the mission of the local Seventh-day Adventist Church so that you can return home equipped to assist your pastor and your church in sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Course Duration for 2024

12-week Catalyst Discipleship Adventure commences on Monday 29th July 2024 and runs until Sunday 27th October 2024.

Learn through sharing, social interactions and cultural experiences and activites

The Holy Scriptures

The Nature of Inspiration
Dynamics of Salvation
Approaching Scripture
Jesus the Christ

The Metanarrative

The Great Controversy
The Redemption Story
Creation and Fall
The Saviour Will Come
The Saviour Has Come
The Saviour Will Come Again

The Christian Story

The Apostolic Church
The Church in the Middle Ages
The Protestant Reformation
The Advent Movement

Our Story

Prophetic Heritage
The Blessed Hope
Wholistic Living

Foundations of Discipleship

The Kingdom of God
The Invitation
Entering the Kingdom
Kingdom Life in the Spirit
The Missional Life
Love and Unity as Foundations

Community with a Purpose

A Disciple Making Model
Global Missions

Discipleship in the Local Church

Deep Calling
Biblical Spirituality
Listening to the Voice of God
Spiritual Gifts
Church Governance
Digital Discipleship

Discipleship and Mission

The Harvest Model
The Nature of Mission
Every Disciple a Missionary
Kingdom Outposts
Public Evangelism
Church Planting
Justice and Mercy

Discipleship Today

World Religions
World Views
Daniel and Revelation